Dana Maor


Dana was born in Israel in 1988. She grew up in Israel, Mexico and Germany. Since early childhood, Dana loved creating art, dancing and connecting different people from different circles. Dana was absorbing life!

In her teenage years, she studied in Berlin International School. She created friendship with people from all over the globe. She developed a clear standing regarding both the society and especially her own her own personal responsibilities as a human.

In her short life, Dana managed to initiate and form connection between the art and her social ideas. Dana created connection between people, and formed a lot of close friendships.

Dana was killed in June 2010 during a trip to China. After her death, we have found that practicing art with the community is for us, her family and friends, a form of consolation which connects Dana to us through her life experience, novelty and entrepreneurship that were so typical to her.

Our activity started after her death by a group of close friends and family.